Creating Situations for Healthy Experiences

Title: Creating Situations for Healthy Experiences

Abstract: What is a healthy experience and how can we create more of them? This session explores what exactly we consider to be healthy through questions, conversation and a look at what’s happening in the West of Ireland. The struggles and the successes are part of it, but how we connect is what makes us whole.

About the network in Galway, Ireland: It’s diverse. It has many groups who’ve been providing care in there own ways now beginning to come together. Initially through celebration, then collaboration, sharing space and resources. A melting pot of creativity pointing towards cultural progression, hope and healing. A snapshot of some of the Irish groups who’ve contributed to OpenCare is part of the picture. An Áit Eile (The Other Place) make it their business to provide situations for coming together in healthy ways. It’s the small interactions that are key, but planetary connections are also vital.

Participant Engagement: Catch and speak, a way of getting to know each other.
What skills and experiences do we share? After hearing a little about the Irish situation, time for a deeper look at “What makes a space healthy?”.