Creative Europe and Edgeryders

   HOW ABOUT…                      

                                                                    … EDGERYDERS AND CREATIVE EUROPE?

Hello to everybody!

Last night the Creative Europe calls were finally published after what seemed like a very long waiting period.

There are different deadlines (5th of March / 19th of March) in function of the call. I was wondering if Edgeryders was interested in building a project on European platforms, maybe with P2P Foundation, Oui Share and this kind of partners.

I am going through the cooperation projects Guidelines for Matera 2019, and cannot give too much time on the Platforms part, but if someone is up for building a small team to work on it, this is somehting we might take into consideration. What has to be taken into account is that the EU funds up to 60% of the budget, so co-financing is necessary.

Check it out!

have to do homework first

Thanks for opening a conversation on this @ilariadauria, definitely something to look into. I’ll get to reading the documentation and get back to you asap… cheers!

Creative Europe

Yes, will be looking into this too. Got funding from the last Culture program, will be interesting to see what they’ve changed in the new program - particularly in terms of criteria - as this is no doubt what they’ll be looking out for in reviewing the first round of applications.


Agree Ilaria. The call for international platforms looks attractive. Looking at the criteria for relevance of the project.

  • Fostering the mobility of creators and artists – in particular those lacking international exposure – by supporting strong European programming. ​

​Edgeryders surfaces people who lack international exposure and provide them with the exposure through the Edgeryders platform approach. The challenge is how to channel this into supporting “European programming”. Materia 2019 has a programming component to it, from what I understand? lote is a crowdsourced form of accelerated programming while the unMonastery could be (is?) a new form of residency - these are good building blocks!

  • Increasing the promotion, showcasing and presentation of emerging talent from other participating countries (including defining what is an "emerging talent")

Edgeryders showcases “emerging talent” and could we could have a good stab at defining emerging talent for the EU. The concept that Edgeryders develops and supports emergent talent rather than emerging talent?

  • Contributing to greater audience development through extensive use of information and communication technologies and innovative approaches

Edgeryders uses many innovative approaches and extensively uses technology!​

  • Providing positive visibility to Europe's values and different cultures, thus creating greater awareness and helping increase citizens' sense of identification with the EU

Don’t know how many times I’ve written bids that have had this outcome, but it’s not as prescriptive as you think - it’s not about making the project demonstrate how great EU institutions are. It’s more about how, by bringing different groups of people together, you’re giving people greater awareness of each other’s cultures & values that makes them feel part of a wider community.

This is less about national cultures and more about different ways of doing - and there are many of those in Edgeryders!

Any just a few thoughts, but let’s keep exploring the criteria and work something up?

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Eligibile criteria… :frowning:

In order to participate, you have to be “a registered organization for at least 2 years”.

So I guess that’s the end of it with respect to being part of the core partnership.

The only possiblity would be to act as an associate partner, with a (small) budget allocated by one of the partners for activities such in the field of ICT.

what a shame…

You’re right Ilaria, and it seems the criteria is the same across schemes. anyway thanks again for keeping these kinds of opportunities in our loop… We’ll see what happens then, and if some other friendly orgs will apply.

Cooperation projects

European Alternatives is looking at applying in the Cooperation Projects on how to develop infrastructure for groups whose voices aren’t being heard in the public debate or needs being met by the state who want to collaborate with others across borders to develop cultural and social impact. Would build on our caravan project and festivals and work with the ecosystem of partners we’ve got across our festivals. Still need to ready fully through the call to see what is expected!

Small or large scale?

Seems interesting, would love to know more. I’m currently going for a large scalre project (MT2019) and a small scale one, but still have to wrap my head around the financial part - yay!

In the meanwhile I was looking for some stuff in Horizon 2020 and seems like there is a call with a theme interesting for Edgeryders.

I’ll open another post on this.