Creative Europe programme: anyone applying?

I’m interested in finding partners for Creative Europe programme, the call launched recently, deadline is 7th of September.

There are three different categories:

@hugi is Blivande applying? With CHC we are in one consortium for a medium scale category and would be interested in joining a couple of more consortia to increase our chances. On the other hand, I think Edgeryders could also look for opportunities here. We have ideas in our sleeve and could build a consortium.

We could very well address this priority:
Sustainability: to contribute to the European Green Deal and including the New European Bauhaus, by encouraging the European cultural and creative sectors to co-create, adopt and disseminate more environment-friendly practices, as well as to raise awareness on sustainable development through their cultural activities.

Time to pull out the concept you already developed @hugi?

Would love to see EDGE, Blivande and CHC together in something, especially since we are opening space soon and are very much interested in new economic models, sustainability and resilience of CCS…What do you think?