Creativity and a smile can change the world

At 16 I was for the first time abroad, in Germany. I can say that there’s where my story begins. Those 3 weeks of stage, facing multiculturalism, diversity, dealing with new things and different kind of people motivated me strong enough to come to Romania with an curious willing of action. I soon realized that things just cannot stay longer like this in my country.

I got involved in volunteer actions, working with poor children but also teaching high school students how to deal with their new perspectives,for two years. I met wonderful people, I learned to appreciate what I have and feel lucky that at the end of the day I have a family to come back at …

The Research Scientific Group in my university teached me a valuable lesson : research can open doors of your mind that you didn’t even know that exist. The curiosity guided me through this process. We have studied the general opinion about the students culture and form through questionnaires.

Arriving on Portuguese land as a future entrepreneur was just what I’ve ever wished. As a trainee in the programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, I learned from my Host experienced Entrepreneur how to manage my future business. I have learned that creativity and a smile can change everything in this world.

Age discrimination-a problem which makes businesses become vulnerable and young people to lose their courage.

I stepped in front of 100 young people and soon realize that this is not anymore my problem. This is a problem for all courageous students. And shivering I started to present my legislative proposal. I have just told them facts from my experience and soon they come to realise how serious can this problem be. We found solutions and we decided to support students to be independent and free. My legislative proposal got 98 pros out of 100. I was responsible …

I have always been fascinated by the German system and spend in Konstanz one semester as Erasmus.I have learned from them how to respect people, meet deadlines and be always punctual.

I am currently challenging myself to always do more than I imagine I can. I am volunteer in Red Cross, Erasmus Initiave Iasi and EuropaNet.

I have always wanted to stay in touch with capable young people with an international vision. I feel that I had travelled enough to realise the importance of working together in an multi cultural team. I am fascinated about diversity and working in a group comes naturally to me

As I have grown up in a family of teachers, I feel like I really enjoy to be in the front of the students and to answer their questions. This is the final proof of how solid my knowledge are.

I learn from my mistakes, I enjoy take risks ,I am never ashamed of who I am and where did I start, I trust people ,I feel my freedom, I am curios and I always feel proud to be different…That’s how I live every day!

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Very uplifting!

Wow, you seem like a really positive person enjoying a great ride. Congratulations!

Two questions. The first: are you involved into an Erasmus for entrepreneurs? I think that’s a pretty new program. isn’t it? Why don’t you tell us more about it? maybe you could even play this mission with it.

The second: if you are, why would you have a legislative proposal? I am confused. Entrepreneurs normally write business plans, not bills!

And finally, a little background would not hurt. We know you are not from either Germany and Portugal, but not which country you actually are from; we don’t know what you studied, and in general in what context you entered this program. You could do it, maybe, by putting some information in your profile (to reach it, just click on “My profile” in the menubar.

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs


I am Romanian student in Business Informatics and strongly willing to have my own company.

That is why I applied for an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs stage.Basically you have a business idea and you go abroad to a host entreprenur to see how to manage it.I did my stage in a medical device company in Portugal and I really enjoyed it.The stage is over but I wish it didnt end.I would strongly recommend for every young person who thought even once about being independent.

Here is the website of the programme.You should have your business plan,CV and sign up there.The rest is just looking for the perfect match…

From outside of the company you will see problems that they are not even aware of and you can appreciate if your host entrepreneur took the right decision.

You learn from his/her mistakes and you often ask yourself how would you think in his situation.

If you want a challenge,here you can find a pretty good one!

ps:there is funding available that covers everything you mgiht need.

Lots of small companies

A lot of people on Edgeryders start companies, it seems. But I don’t think anyone actually tried this Erasmus for entrepreneurs, so you would really do others a service if you reviewed the experience for them. This would mean writing a mission report in which you explain what you did, who you worked with, what sort of challenges you faced etc. The mission I linked in my previous comment, “First lessons in work” seems perfect to tell this experience.

In the meantime, I am giving you +20 reputation for an energetic report and comment!

You must be really lucky indeed!

Hi Madalina, I’m Noemi, one of the community hosts and also an Edgeryder, and really interested in the drivers of so much enthusiasm, it’s a bit counterintuitive, but reading your post makes me wonder how come?? I’ve yet to meet many Edgeryders not only determined but enthusiastic as well, yes most of us here in the community ryde edges, and have a unique way of internalizing experiences, but yours is really powerful. I’m curious to meet you :slight_smile:

Why do you have to feel proud to be different? Do you feel different or do others make you feel that?

And another thing, how old are you? You seem to have too much experience and insights, but at the same time from the spirit I’d guess you are very young. This is also to add context, aligned with what Alberto was asking…

I’m tempted to ask many things, but like Alberto, feel that I’d love to read you in more specific terms… one concrete experience to understand better.

Let’s stay in touch, where are you in Romania? I’m in Cluj…