Creativity Caravan

I’m experimenting with a new idea which is creating something like a creativity educational caravan for kids, well i’m planning a creative artistic course from A to Z that include storytelling, drawing, coloring and collages, while engaging all the senses of the participants and all is inspired from the Egyptian culture.

welcome on the platform :slight_smile:

welcome again :smiley: its nice to c u on the platform

can u tell us more about this experiment , have u tried some of this techniques with kids on a small scale or may be some pictures or a glance form this plan ,

it is really interesting and an I really like that u get the inspiration from the egyptian culture . can u give an example also about that :smiley: or elaborate more in this sense


more about the creativity caravan project

thank hazem :slight_smile: well ive been working on creating the project itself the past months and am almost done…its inspired from a famous egyptian puppet show called el leila el kebeira (the big day) i drew the characters of the show and made some sketches of a story i made up…the first part of the story is pessemistic and sad then the main character of the story will do sth and a whole twist will happen in the story….my plan is i will narrate the first part of the story for the kids that i made as a colorful book then will let them each make their own book after the twist in the story they will play with the characters and dress them up cutting and pasting fabrics, paper, feather, ribbons etc…while working on each scene i will create an artistic mood of egyptian songs related to the theme and certain aroma like incense sticks as i want to engage all their seneses and indirectly make them familiar with old egyptian songs…there is also a moral out of the story…i want it to b all delivered in arabic and my target are egyptian kids that are in english schools to emphasize the egyptian arabic identity through art

possilbe collaboration - El leila el kebeera :slight_smile:

I became more interested :smiley: and as a big fan of El leila el kebeera , I ask u if u have some pictures can u share some with us please :slight_smile:

and do u intend to launch the project with a school or may be with a coworking space like Rasheed 22 , anyway I think u will meet Uli the founder of Rasheed on Friday