Creativity: how to measure, how to foster

A 30 minutes talk on how Creativity is approached in the Experimental lab + Discussion

Every time I look up the definition of creativity in Wikipedia, it changes. If it is so difficult to define, isn’t it even more difficult to capture? I propose to have a look at how creativity is measured in the lab, how is it incentivized and what other factors may help to foster it. In particular, I would like to discuss the role of interaction with other people, getting access to their ideas.

Who should attend: anyone who is interested in creativity, idea generation or Lab Experiments and those willing to brainstorm about better ways to brainstorm.

Why I propose this activity: I have recently conducted two lab experiments on how access to ideas of others influences creative performance, and whether we spend money wisely when we pay for it. I have presented the results several times and it led to interesting discussions. We could also do a small experiment during the session, and usually it is a great fun!


I’m in

Sounds super-interesting. Creativity is one of the few assets we (whatever “we” means) can throw at problems in large quantities, and it makes sense to understand it better.

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