Crossing Ts and dotting Is on H2020 RIA application contributions

[Network please note that I’m increasingly trying to open our work processes here where possible, but there may seem an inconsistency as there is still much of our H2020 proposal coordination that needs to happen off the platform.]

@alberto Some time ago you devised this document outlining what we can contribute to H2020 applications.

As we have the first two RIA applications going in Tuesday, and with your upcoming time offline, to ensure that all bases are definitely covered I wanted to confirm that:

  1. The area we absolutely have to contribute to ensure there is a clarity on EDGE methodology and deliverables is Execution, including
    Section 3 (WP description): we can write our own WP (Table 3.1.a) on “Convening and harvesting a large online conversation for collective intelligence on X” [4hrs min]
    Section 4 (Partner description): of course
    Section 5 (Ethics): 5.1. On data protection as the main potential source of ethical tensions

  2. That there are other areas such as Excellence and Impact that pending the proposal and team capacities we can contribute to.

  3. That you have written and can continue to write into these sections, and in addition to co-conceiving overarching EDGE contribution and ongoing liaison with the consortia, that all they need from me are the PM/ direct costs budget contributions.

Do you agree? Please also note down the estimated time each contribution takes. Eg. As I’ve done now with the WP description above.

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