Crowdconference to tweet and share #OPENandChange! 20 SEP at 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST

A short online event where you can quickly catch up on what is happening in the community, tweet support or ask any questions. It's like a press conference, but with everyone talking to everyone.

This is an opportunity to discover the amazing projects that your peers are involved in, from Helliniko Metropolitan Community Clinic dispensing free health care to the many Greeks who, having lost their job, also lost their access to public health care; to the Urban Shepherd of Stockholm, inducing a neighborhood to come together through husbandry; to the Cytostatic Network where unsung heroes provided cancer patients with life-saving drugs unavailable in Romania; to the OpenInsulin project reshaping the drug market for diabetes patients. And so many others!

If you are part of OPENandChange, or wish to join; or simply have lost track of the work and could use a quick summary… this is a unique opportunity!Instructions for joining the fun (and getting lot of new friends and followers).

How to participate:

  1. On Tuesday 20th September at 16:50 PM CET/ 10:50 EST go to Twitter.
  2. Open a window with a search for #OPENandChange. While you are at it, follow @edgeryders.
  3. At 17:00 CET/11:00 ESTsharp @edgeryders will start tweeting the relevant content, links to the most relevant projects etc. 
    • Retweet them! Tweets will be rotated at least 3-4 times: don't be afraid to retweet every iteration. In Twitter this is not a violation of netiquette.
    • Be creative! Retweets are good, but MT (Modify Tweet for those new to Twitter) are better! Make jokes, add your point of view, it's all good. The more you do so, the better. 
    • Don't stop at Twitter! If you like Facebook, by all means reshare links through your Facebook account. We will do the same.

If you already are part of OPENandChange…

… your story is up or you’ve been in touch, please help by preparing tweets in advance in your own language so @edgeryders can them pick up.

We’re working in this shared document:

Date: 2016-09-20 17:00:00 - 2016-09-20 18:00:00, Europe/Bucharest Time.

Testing different tools to do this

First up: Click to tweet

Tweet: Smart swarms for the win: Our #OpenandChange draft application to is online

Tweet: Smart swarms for the win: Our #OpenandChange draft application to is online

Tweet: Smart swarms for the win: Our \#OpenandChange draft application to is online

Tool #2 A Tweetchat room

It solves the issue that it’s difficult to follow a hashtag while also actively participating in the conversation. With the usual twitter interface you need to have two tabs up and switch between them all the time.

Tweetchat is a better interface for doing it:

#3 Preparations broken down into individual tasks

  1. [Everyone] Choose/prepare our a longer form text that tells the story of what we are doing and why (e.g. blogposts). Break down the longer story texts into a number of tweets using a tool called little porkchop Copy paste them into a comment on this event page.

  2. [ Everyone] Do a search for openandchange tweets. Pick the best ones. Copy paste them into a comment on this event page.

  3. [Site Admins] Copy paste tweets from the comments into the  description of this event above.

  4. [Site Admins] Use  to produce “tweet this” buttons for each one and edit content of the page above into simple instructions and a series of quotes in this format:

"Twitter is like the lunch meeting with potential clients before you do the pitch. [Tweet this]

5. [Workshop leaders] Ask people to translate/remix some of the tweets into their languages. Especially the storytelling ones!

6. [Site admins] Embed tweetchat interface on this page if possible.

  1. [Workshop leaders] Rewrite instructions in your own language, update FB event page and invite everyone to join there (easier for non signed up people).

What do you think @Noemi,  @Yannick, @Pavlos , @Natalia_Skoczylas , @jahn ?

Taken up 1 and 2

I can also do 3 and 4 later in the week once more tweets are gathered.

The chop and clicktotweet tools are great, you don’t know how much I’ve looked to add Tweet this buttons for past events and didn’t find a tool or quick code!

The problem with the chat room is that it doesn’t seem to collect all tweets, update fast enough and show RTs. Let a few of us use it these days to test it.

Tweets: text broken down + favs

Welcome to openandchange Care: An invitation to a shared 100 mill$ bid to fix health and social care.

#OPENandChange: is it here? is it now? how does it affect me? Tune in for 1hr and tweet it to meet the future.

Use openandchange to join a massive online live conversation taking place now and led by @edgeryders community members

.@macfound has decided to deliver give a mighty push to fixing the world’s most hairy, unfixable problems - 100andchange ! openandchange

.@edgeryders and an interconnected web of practitioners from all over are responding with one proposal: 100andchange


…[add teasing questions here]

Did you know per capita health care expenditure grows much faster than GDP? Health systems everywhere are under strain Health_care_expenditure.gif openandchange

.@edgeryders @OpenInsulin @concrn @op3ncare @VeloM2Bxl @nextlearning are taking on the challenge of fixing care fully on! openandchange 100andchange

We do it by engaging with projects we know and dont yet know. This is an offer for partnering up, you’re in time! #OPEandChange

Oh. And we will break the competitive logic of grant funding in the meantime openandchange 100andchange

We think we will win. Why? openandchange 100andchange

Why openandchange? Funding one organisation means empowering a small group at the top. How about a network of orgs and movements? 100andchange

Why openandchange? Diversity trumps ability: large swarm of initiatives will be vastly more diverse than an organisation 100andchange

Why openandchange? Decentralized networks learn fast because they rely on knowledge sharing and documentation 100andchange

Why openandchange? Sociality in access to knowledge and teaching produces better technology than individual smarts 100andchange

In Edgeryders alone we have 5,300 documented sharing knowledge relationships. Advanced analytics enable meaningful data extraction openandchange 100andchange

We are already present and mobilized in over 30 countries openandchange 100andchange

Why is fixing broken social and health-care systems a task for a massive no of people and projects? openandchange 100andchange

It is where we are all experts: almost every human has been, at some point, both a care giver and receiver openandchange 100andchange

For 100andchange competition we are not proposing new ideas: Inspiring projects are already showing that communities are able to deliver care. Yet they are struggling openandchange

Now we will introduce stories and invite you to connect directly with protagonists. We are one click away and will be so for openandchange 100andchange

…[fav tweets about projects here - suggest being explicit about location so that we show how worldly we are!

Open Insulin project!

Calais Jungle!
welcome to the jungle

DoucheFLUX in Brussels | This simple thing will fix once and for all problem with access to showers Showers and more: meet DoucheFLUX
#OPENandChange 100andchange

[maybe one person can tweet these one hour in advance?]

@concrn are joining openandchange and we’d invite them to tweet why?

@Prinzess are joining openandchange. Tell us your story and why?

How is openandchange going to tie together these crazy weird wonderful approaches? 100andchange

Since beginning 2016 we have done Step 1: SENSING what is out there doing ambitious work on delivering better care openandchange 100andchange

Ending 2016 we are moving to Step 2: SENSE-MAKING through large ethnographic and #SNA study with @op3ncare openandchange

By winning 100andchange competition we want to move a level up: SCALING to help projects advance through collaboration openandchange 100andchange

To show what we preach we are making the proposal draft for @Macfound available and as open as it gets smart swarms for the win openandchange

Thanks to @@@@@@@@@

Thanks to @@@@@@@@@@