crowdfunding platform for sustainable agriculture

Face à l’effondrement en cours de l’ecosysteme a cause de la mauvaise gestion agricole et aussi a cause de l’utilisation de produits chimique , a travers cette platform on acquiert puis libère des terres agricoles grace au pouvoir du crowd funding et d’y développer des projets liés la production agricole durable cette platform aussi multiplie les activités de recherche grace au projet qui seront financer via la platform, l’expérimentation et le conseil aussi afin de rendre multipliables ces projets voulont etre realiser, question aussi de les connectées entre-elles.

Good morning and welcome to edgeryders, pleased to have you here.

I see there are several people who are concerned with agricultural production right now. Which makes complete sense - it is a key topic when it comes to tackling climate change and environmental degradation. Could you tell me about why you feel agriculture is badly managed in your community/country? Why are people using chemicals in their agriculture and are there examples you can find of farms where this is currently not the case or where they are managing the agricultural process better?

Also - I would like to know which groups and associations are currently trying to change the situation in your country?

Also have a look at this resource for some ideas


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