Crowdfunding video: what language should we use?

For other projects we have used this. It might be a bit extreme, and I am not advocating this aesthetics (yet), but we do need to have a discussion about this with @augusto and the team.

@alberto are you thinking about the crowdfunding video? That one has a usual structure that we can use.

I saw the video and…ouch! I have to confess you that I really had to force myself to continue watching it after the first 60 seconds. It is very dark and I found it a bit extreme. Looking at the state of the world through this video I found myself thinking “are we really already came to this point”?
I know the answer is a solid YES but I found it depressing and a bit repulsive.

Don’t take me wrong it is a great video (once I arrived in the end) but I think for the Sci-Fi Economics Lab we should use a bit more rational and less emotional approach.

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No worries @augusto. This is the kind of discussion I wanted to prompt. I trust you completely.

I think @haf has some solid ideas on how a crowdfunding video should be structured and what tone of voice it should use.

Thanks @augusto for mention. Let me first answer on question regarding topic. If majority of the content of the event would be in English then do it in English. What I find relevant also is to encode subtitles in 2nd dominant language if necessary. Copywrite on crowdfunding page (if campaign bilingual) should be split in two parts also. I’m ont sure if this is the case here.

Regarding video, it should be more straight forward regarding event itself and not general topic. It should be personal to some extent e.g. Organizer should at least start conversation with audience in talking-head form, at least 1/3 of the time frame.
Time frame is less then 3 minutes.
Very basic structure:

  • intro (who are you or/and organization )
  • what are you doing (you are doing this event duh!)
  • why is it important (some key points or element from Resolution example could work here)
  • call to action (you want people to contribute/support CF campaign, not general climate crisis actions)

Does this resonate with you?