Crowdstorm the news (for limited Open Village passes!)

##OpenVillage pass (limited): Crowdstorm the news

Join in to take the lead on communication for OpenVillage Festival and make yourself eligible for one of the 5 Full Passes we are offering in exchange for knowledge and support.

Interested? Let us know by telling us about your project/ interests in a story below. Wait to get confirmation from community managers (we have limited memberships for this role). In any case, here’s what the work involves:

  • 30 mins task. Curate social media digests - in practice this means you produce 3 headlines every day that will get sent to our list of 70+ people in the opencare community. They all spread the word! Start building the headlines by editing / commenting here.

  • 1 hour task. Run the official opencare social media accounts (cca 5 posts daily). We manage them using, in a decentralized manner. Read more and request access here.

  • 2 hour+ task. Produce a twitter press conference to communicate OpenVillage and your participation in it. Start by sharing your thoughts here.

NB: We are flexible with your choice of tasks. If you have a different skillset that you wish to deploy in order to get a membership, post about it in our OpenVillage Coordination group.