culture Culture #2 in Bedford


Location: The Place, Bedford, UK


WordSetFree and Edgeryders present

Culture culture: A networked conversation about cultural growth and development

FREE 14+ Spoken Word

‘Culture culture’ is a curated deep inquiry into the most urgent challenges faced by cultural and art collectives across European cities. Culture culture offers participants a local/global platform for conversation and access to useful information and support which tends to be unavailable or expensive.

Over six months, one question per month will convene artists, activists, cultural workers to a local meetup in locations across Europe where they will engage in constructive conversation and draw points of action for mutual support and collaboration. The meetups are synchronized to address complementary issues across each location, so each event feeds into the wider conversation.

WordSetFree and Edgeryders Culture Squad will work with you, the participants, to produce and document the events, connecting our local stories into a bigger narrative, and connecting participants with resources from a network of thousands of people doing cultural and activist work across the world.

Opening topic will be:

How can arts and culture create a secure environment for artists and citizens to lead the ongoing renovation and redefinition of civic spaces?