Culture Culture Berlin #2 - artist run spaces

Culture Culture met Artist Run Alliance during our first event - and the possible synergies here are impossible to ignore.

This is why we decided to build the second event around the following main questions:

  1. How to strategically, in a participatory and collaborative way, develop the ARA network, using experience and technology accumulated by edgeryders?

  2. What are the needs and ambitions of artist-run spaces? We’d like to extend the invitation to this event to people running their independent spaces to center this debate around their specific situations and see how an international network, and an active platform, could - if at all - support their work.

  3. Develop ideas around funding and partnerships that could fund this work and collaborations.

The conversation will be run by Natalia, Tuce and Gideon, and it will be hosted by the Venn co-living, co-working space in Friedrishein.



Is there a link I could share with some artists and art collectives I know in Berlin and Dresden?

Once we agree on the date, I will send it to you :slight_smile: super, thanks!

Update: due to personal reasons, we’re moving this meeting into mid-August. I will confirm the date and send the link soon.

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