culture Culture: Logo for the series?

Rather than dictate the exact image and layout for the culture squad events we’re working on for the next 6months i thought it would be more useful to come up with a simple logo identity that we could insist all event organisers utilise in their marketing plans.

This allows us to have a consistent idenitity across multiple international locations, but lets each location create something that either speaks to their location, their audience or their areas of investigation.

It seems to work very well for the Pecha Kucha team.

I don’t have the design skills to come up with something for that though.
Do we have any talented designers with experience of designing brand identity logos here on the ER platform?

@natalia_skoczylas, @noemi, @hugi

@jasonschumann? Is this something you’d be able to do?

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I’ve had lots of experience with this type of thing. I wouldn’t create a specific culture squad logo - just use the branded ER logo!

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I would also ask @zmorda & @Yosser: maybe you know someone who could help?

@bob i think we’d like something fresh to sit alongside the bigger ER brand because this project involves new people and we are trying to set up something more visually specific to the culture squad,

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Interesting. I see the reasoning, I think I am with Bob here. We risk diluting our efforts, whereas a strong ER brand is a public good that can be re-used across all units. @nadia created versions of the ER logo in several colors, and w have been trying to sort-of use the orange one for community, the blue one for company. Kinda. :slight_smile:

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I agree with Alberto and Bob, there is a huge cost involved building brand recognition and credibility. It’s why commercial actors spend craploads of money paying advertising and PR agencies to do this, used to do this for a living at one of the larger agencies.
Blue is reserved for company, orange for community…all the others are free.


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I see what you’re saying, but we want something for the project, not the squad, thanks… let’s see.


Apologies. Had to reformat my whole computer.

I am able to come up with a few designs if not too late?




Thanks @jasonschumann - no worries, we didnt want to insist too much :slight_smile:
We hoped to get it as a gift, but then found an artist in Berlin/London who agreed to do it for an affordable price and is now finalizing the package (logo, editable banners and other graphics). We will share it with everyone who wants to organise a culture Culture event,

You can get a sense of it below, any thoughts welcome…