This is a draft version of the Cybercommunism session


André @andrestaltz - Brazilian living in Finland
Kristian - Swedish software developer
Kai - cybercommunism interest
Ingrid - cybercommunism interest
Erik - computer science
Graham - from New Zealand
Hanna-My - Malmö, local activist
Jules - travelling with Graham

Tradional/physical communism vs. capitalism

Traditional communism

  • centralised
  • distributed wealth
  • forced sharing?

Traditional capitalism

  • de-centralised (in the inherent mechanism)
  • private ownership
  • stacking wealth


The cost of data is marginally small


  • all data decentralised
  • examples: open data, open source, memes, illegal stuff

Cybercapitalism/surveillance capitalism

  • accumulated data
  • centralised
  • examples: large-scale tech companies


  • examples: Wikipedia, YouTube (content is created by everyone)

Difference between traditional and cyber is that the cost of “value” (=data) is marginal in the cyber realm


  • the natural state of data is within cybercommunism
  • we are stuck in the polarized, simplified understanding of capitalism/communism (e.g. markets are not intrinsic to capitalism only)
  • imprisoning data is hard and expensive, but possible
  • decentralised protocols: the web/Scuttlebutt started as being decentralised and move towards being fully decentralised

Civilization stacks

The more layers, the easier it is to build new layers on top - currently spear-headed by Silicon Valley such as seen in trans-humanism

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Hej, just came about this post again and wondered if maybe you would like to join our webinar on developing a shared SciFi economic world?


@andrestaltz was the lead for this talk. I’ll send him a message via Scuttlebutt :laughing:

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