Czech ethnography

Hi Alberto,
Could I have your email so I can send you a summary of the key findings of my fieldwork? Unfortunately I won’t be able to join the meeting this Friday, so I wanted to send you what I have so far, so you have some sort of starting point from me.


Would you be up for putting it on the platform, for example here: #wellbeing:poprebel-ethnography? This way it becomes more of a material for common discussion.

Hi Alberto, it’s fine to share it but I made it into a PDF file and the summary might be bit long for a ER post - maybe you or the people who are preparing this ‘discussion/workshop’ can have a look at it and see if this is even useful. I am happy to edit it further or try to shorten it if needed. Feel free to share it on the platform if you think the format works.
Czech digital ethnography - Summary .pdf (128.7 KB)

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@jitka.kralova your results are absolutely fascinating. In ters of the impact conference, I see your work as being featured in a webinar on how COVID influenced political participation (with a paradoxically not-unambiguously bad effect of the anti-measures movements), and how this interferes with the populist political landscape in Czechia. @nadia @ivan over to you to define the details and match up Jitka with a voice from the civil society (not necessarily in Czechia, it could also be interesting to look at international comparisons).

hi @jitka.kralova can we schedule a call for next week to discuss your participation in our final dissemination event for the Poprebel project? This is now quite urgent :slight_smile: ping @ivan

Hi Nadia, sure. I’m free any day apart from Monday afternoon. Let me know when you want to call.

monday at 10 am Brussels time ok for you @jitka.kralova ?

Ok. See you then.

Hi @nadia, do you have a link?

hi, sorry I thought I had sent it :frowning:

Edgeryders Team is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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if you are still around we can have it now?

I’ll connect in five mins.

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Looping in @Nica. At the top of this thread you will find @jitka.kralova’s findings slide deck, which I personally found fascinating.

Thanks Alberto. @Nica just to let you know, this is a very ad hoc analysis which I did in quite an unstructured manner - none of this material has yet been coded (due to the new codebook development) so these are more general themes which emerged out of the data I collected so far.

Thank you @jitka.kralova ! I will go through it and will follow up with you with any questions :slight_smile:

Thank you @alberto !