D 1.5 Documentation from onboarding workshops due end of Sept

Edgeryders is leading this deliverable:

D1.5 Collection of textual and visual documentation from onboarding workshops. It includes a methodological note on facilitation and offline engagement, as well as follow up materials like media articles and testimonials (delivery date: month 9)

We will submit what we have from Milano and the cities currently involved in hosting workshops: Thessaloniki, Brussels, Berlin.

Thanks @Franca for sending me your documentation, can I ask you to upload it in the Deliverables Draft folder? Better to use the drive than risk having docs getting lost on email. If they are editable even better, since we will submit only 1 full document. Thanks!


@Noemi - Thanks for the feedback !

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D1 Folder

Ok @Noemi!

So it could be fine if I create a new folder into “Deliverables Folder” where I can put our materials, documentations… etc…? I can call the folder “D1”.

Now I am considering only activities of local engagement and NOT co-design sessions (with Wemake) that as I understood are in WP 3.

Is it ok?




Call the folder D1.5.

Indeed, WeMake codesign sessions and reporting were part of another deliverable already performed in June.

Thanks @Franca!

Cutting it close

I wanted to raise this point with you, @Noemi. We ourselves have three workshops planned in September, and two of them (Berlin and Brussels) are happening right at the end. There won’t be much time. May I suggest to coordinate with the workshop leaders so that they know in advance what we need (not much, I imagine) and pass it on immediately after the workshops themselves?

Let me know if you need help.

It will be a collection, so less curated:

I imagine collecting reports like Pavlos’s from Greece - explaining methodology, participants no, results, photos and that’s it, a contact of the coordinator for extra references. Too hopeful? :slight_smile:


Hi @Noemi,

I wrote to you 2 emails about D 1.5. Did you receive the emails? Do you need something more from us?

I sent to you also our Dropbox link for photos…

Let me know!


Using the platform is better.

Hi @Franca, emails received. I did reply to one Sept 26th, but Edgeryders.eu is where I’m most responsive.

Not needing anything right now, I promised Luce to get the report in by Sunday evening - so keep an eye in the google drive just in case where we are collating everything. Thanks!

The platform is better 2

In addition to Noemi being more responsive, the rest of us can see you guys at work and know what’s going on without anyone having to ask etc.

Report done.

Available as a draft here. Ping @LuceChiodelliUB, as agreed! It should be OK and pretty much ready to go. If needed add the standard template. Good luck!

Doc ready for submission - your call

Hello @Franca and @Noemi,

Thank you for your feedback !

The final version of the document is available here, I am just waiting for you to give me the green light :)

For further contributions: the deliverable template is stored on the Admin folder, here, do not hesitate to have a look and use it.

Green light it is!

Looks good, send away! Thanks @LuceChiodelliUB

Submitted ! Thanks :slight_smile:

MS03 - diverse participation to onboarding workshops

@Alberto, @Noemi, @costantino, @Franca, @markomanka - I’ll wait for your call to report online that we hit this milestone, according to your workshops schedule.