D2.5 Ethnographic Report Finished

The ethnography portion of Deliverable 2.5 is finished – please find it deposited in the shared Google Drive here. Thank you to @johncoate and @MariaEuler for all your help.

The formatting per usual is not as nice on Google Drive as it was in the original word document, so please let me know if you want the word doc instead.

@alberto especially, please feel free to add anything you like to it – I notice that it’s not strictly an ethnography deliverable (and the name of the deliverable, ‘The Collective Intelligence NGI’, is very strange…is this a typo from somewhere, or the real name? I copied it from the deliverables list). We are happy for anyone to add/change/edit anything at will. @nadia @ivan @marina

@nextgenethno also bids farewell to @katejsim, whose contract is finishing today – best of luck in your new Bay Area job, Dr. Sim, and thank you for all the great work!!!


@alberto just go ahead and make changes, no need to ask us (most of the comments you’re making you can just implement right away)

OK, I will implement the “local” changes myself. But in some cases, I am simply asking questions:


And some changes are quite fundamental, and do not involve adding stuff, but rather re-organizing, or “re-decorating”: issues of terminology, style, etc. Speaking of which, who is the material author of the document? It does not read like you usual style, not exactly.

This goes beyond the review. In those cases, I guess the thing to do is first discuss them (do we really need them?), and then, if we agree to go ahead, allocate the work.

(also I am only about 15% in, so it is way too early to start making changes. I want to give it a proper read first!)

Heads up @Leonie and @amelia: I am only about halfway through the report, but I already have some concerns that I would like to address. I propose a meeting next week (except Monday), when reading will be done.

Tuesday is Eid, so it will need to be Wed or Thurs. @Leonie please suggest a time on one of those days that works for you.

Thursday between 2-5pm would work best. Would any time then work for you @alberto?

@Leonie stand by, disentangling a calendar conflict… will confirm in a few hours.

Confirmed. Early afternoon is better, maybe 15.00 BXL time?

@alberto That works!

Could you please send me a link to the meeting later?

Let’s use the Edgeryders meeting room.

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