Dappy, the web browser that drops DNS for a secure and decentralized alternative model

Hello I’m Raph from the Dappy project

We are building a ultra-secure no-DNS and no-CAs first of its kind web browser. It’s 100% european, built with security in mind and works with a blockchain platform.

The goal is to address the main issues about current internet/DNS centralization. Instead of relying on private corporations like verisign or godaddy, we use a blockchain platform and the browser directly connects to a network of independent agents. Extending this concept could result in million of euros saved from small and middle-sized companies that can’t afford proper DNS/web security infrastructure.

We’re looking for places to talk about our project and/or interesting discussions !
Happy to chat, cheers !


Hello Raph,

great to have you here!
We love discussions about technology, future and society.

To kick it off here, maybe you could start off by sharing either a question you want to discuss directly or a story about what motivated you to build Dappy so people have an “in” to engage with you?

Ping @zelf, might some of the scuttelbug folks be interested in this?

Hello Raph, sounds super interesting.

As a layman who hangs out with tech people, I have a question: what do you see as a use case for no-DNS browsing? Access to DNS infrastructure does not seem that expensive, so maybe it’s the security part that’s dearer to your heart? So, what kind of security issues would your system solve?

(I read your homepage, but I am thinking: OK, but in practice a domain like edgeryders.eu has worked more or less flawlessly for ten years. Stakes are low – if DNS servers go down and make us inaccessible for an hour, or a day, it’s a nuisance, but does not kill us. And the blockchain being a top-heavy infrastructure, it needs a very good case for a small company to take it on… though I agree the model is quite elegant!)

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