Data cleanup done, ready for export

This is mostly for @melancon, but in the spirit of working out loud…

OpenCare will produce some software to look at online conversations. The first step is to build a simple (non-semantic) social network representation of the OpenCare conversation, which is a subset of the Edgeryders one.

The problem: the OpenCare conversation is spread across three places.

  1. The OpenCare Research Group, originally simply called OpenCare
  2. The Op3nCare Community Group, created on 2016-02-19 as it became clear that the original group was mixing administrative stuff and content stuff.
  3. The new Challenge Response type nodes (here). 

The solution:

  1. Go through the Research group and assign non-admin content to the Op3n Care community group. Convert into Challenge responses the posts that look more like open care stories.
  2. Keep all of the content in the Community group.
  3. Keep all the content in the Challenge Responses.

This is now done. Guy and I have created views to export the content database thus selected in JSON format. Accessing the views requires admin powers.

  • users:
  • content:
  • comments:

Results are encouraging. At the time of writing, we have:

  • 54 different users involved in the conversation (includes the OpenCare team!)
  • 156 between challenge responses, posts, wikis, events.
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Associating old stuff to the Op3ncare community group

@Noemi, I assume this is you associating older posts about care to the group. This is of course OK. But some of them seem to be quite theoretical (example). Can you write here some remarks about your  criteria for doing so? The number of people involved in the conversation almost doubled since yesterday, with people like Irene Lanza, SARCHA, Emiliano Fatello, FreeLab…

Probably Nadia

It’s not me.

The reason should be that we need to populate channels in order to make it easier for people to browse the website and retrieve older content by looking at topics.

Now, the solution I see to not mix up non-OpenCare content with OpenCare is: if there is a way to assign older posts to groups different than Op3nCare, but still convert them into challenge responses (to benefit from channels assigned), that would be ideal!