Deadlines for Full Membership

Hello @reef-full,

We discussed the issue of extending deadlines for Associate Members, which Team Recruitment & Onboarding committed to take up.

These are the notes from our meeting:

  • Concerns:

    • How will this change when we buy a site? => let’s wait until that happens and then re-asses
    • Will certain cases create precedent? => no, see proposal
    • Energy cost of newlings dragging their feet => yes, this is something we try to avoid by setting a deadline.|
  • Conclusion: We set three months as the default to apply for full membership. If that’s not long enough, we ask what the obstacles are, how they plan to address them and by when. Then we assess on a case-by-case basis on how to move forward.

We reckon that this is not the most controversial proposal, though if you would have any concerns or suggestions, you are very welcome to post them in the thread below.