"Dear leaders" letters

Open letter to the leaders

After reading the dear funders letter and this article : Global governance in an era of weak nation-states, i thought : what if we collaboratively write an open source letter based on the same model and spread it ?

The actual text is on a google doc, but it may be more relevant to build it on an open source and free platform.

The text is now onanother platform, feel free to add your thoughts, documentation…

Working document.

There are tons of people waiting for a global change, and waiting on actual political system doesn’t seem to work. The last big G20 meeting proved it one more time, and we can’t wait a decade or two, sitting on our ass, waiting for them to change. It’s not possible. Humanity can’t affort it.

Things seem so hard to change because it’s the result of a many few who exploit the rules of the actual system. These rules have become so complicated and technical that an army of brilliant people are specialised about it. I don’t see how we can change these rules, alter, modernise or simplfy it at all. Just thinking about it makes my brain bowl of desperation.

So, there are a few people exploiting and salvaging the system. A few who have to make crucial decisions now.

What if we ask them politely to stop compete to each others and humbly explain them how cooperation can give much more profit than competition ?

There are many brilliant people in this community to provide arguments and proofs they can’t ignore.

There are many influent persons around the world working for a change who could help spread it.

A message of the many, a beg to stop this madness and start working together.

No one has to lose anything.

We just need more cooperation and more compassion to survive.

Because it’s about Humanity survival.

You can’t play a game if you have destroyed the game.

Leaders should continue playing the game.

Rules have changed and new challenges are coming.

We need to inform them.

Humbly, politely.

And thank them for their work.

Because they do realise a lot of things.

Maybe it can sound useless, maybe it’s already been done. If so, let me know, i’d like to contribute. It may sound crazy, naive or desperate, maybe it is.

But it’s worth the try.

It doesn’t cost of thing.

But if it touches a few leaders…

That’s the best it can do.

The worst : nothing.

Dear leaders,

It’s just not working out.

You are playing the rules, and by doing so, a lot of bad things will happen. You know what we are talking about. We are already observing the direct consequences of many aspects of the global system. Our planet earth is in danger, and with it everyone of us. Everyone of you.

You know what works best for your company, your state, your tribe : good management, cooperation, shared ideas and knowledge…[probably other things] Think about humanity like it is your company, your state, your tribe. Because you are part of it.

You can now decide to stop playing the actual global game and start playing the real one. It will not cost you anything.

The only thing you have to do is to see your competitors, your enemies or whatever, like possible partners and communicate with them to see how you could work together.

Here is what happens because you don’t work altogether but fight do be the best :


The huge number of laboratories and companies and the way they compete is pretty cruel. You are playing with people’s lifes by keeping your secrets and not working altogether. You don’t need to be the first.

[some more arguments and proofs would be welcome]


You spend a lot of money on war, weapons, military research…

You spend this money to protect the past : your holdings, your territory, your people.

Please use some more for the future : education, scientific searches…


You control everything. Our needs, our lifes. Your impact is so powerful it has deeply changed the face of the earth, but also ourselves. You made us more efficient than ever. You gave us tools, entertainment, passions…

We need your help. Not a little part of it, you all do some sponsorship, patronage and show from time time good willing.

We need you to help good things happen. You are good at it.

You need challenges, we can give you real challenges.

Not the little wars you’re fighting to be the best.

You already are.

Allow humanity to be the best.

You only can do that, and we will thank you more than you can imagine.


The people.

[not sure signing it is relevant, it could at least give more strength to the message. Also there are many other things that could be argued and discussed, and probably some vidéos or articles could help it.]

Hi Nicolas, I think a worthy an initiative like this can be, we’d run the risk of not getting to the specifics due to the so many different contexts.

For example, my country right now is going through a turmoil like it hasn’t for years. tonight our president has been suspended. our prime-minister has been proved to have disprespected intellectual property rights in his PhD  thesis and refuses to resign. the EC’s report on Justice has been postponed, allegedly because in Romania  our government seem to be blatantly going against the rule of law by dismissing important prerogatives of the Constitutional Court.  The public discourse right now is largely about


  2. DEMOCRACY is not a given, as a state can always be brought to an inferior state of democracy.

So in a personal letter to leaders I would speak about the goodwill and commitment to the people. Being a politician as any other occupation, not one that would advance personal interests… and so many more of course but a bit backward than what others would say probably.

I do agree with the investment in education and research.

Just a little love

This letter can be used and sent and modified and copied to any specific leader, organisation or whatever.

It’s just about love, forgiveness and hope.

Be creative, show them they are not bad persons. And ask them to be even better persons.

Use your words.

In these times of fear, a little hope and love cost nothing and can shine a light.

With internet connections, a positive message can spread.

Parler dans le vent?

Parler dans le vent?

Je ne voudrais surtout pas te limiter dans tes aspirations, mais il me semble que les voix des citoyens ne se font pas tellement entendre… Cela m’apparaît comme peine perdue.

La survie de l’humanité: il y a des scénarios à ce sujet. Les citoyens n’en sont pas informés.

Il me semble que nous devrions tenter de chercher à comprendre ce qui se passe et penser à des solutions qui nous permettront de survivre. Ouvrir les yeux serait une possible première étape.

Parler dans le vent, en effet.

Tu ne me limites pas dans mes aspirations qui restent somme toute humbles : vivre sereinement au sein d’une société juste. Tu ne limites pas non plus mes inspirations, ces mots sont posés, libre à chacun d’y voir ce qui lui plait.

Futilité et naiveté, très certainement.

J’y vois un message d’espoir et de pardon.

Et je pense que, bien plus que des solutions,

L’amour changera le sens du vent.

C’est justement le but que de parler dans le vent.

Et non pas contre le vent.

L’oreille entend mal la colère, mais accorde de l’attention à l’amour.

Les mouvements des indignés, les alter-mondialistes, les révolutions arabes sont des voix qui se sont élevées contre le système en place. Ils ont dénoncé ses absurdités et son manque de compassion. Leur fureur a provoqué la peur et nous savons tous comment les leaders y ont répondu : par les armes, les troupes, la désinformation et bien d’autres méthodes plus ou moins subtiles.

Répondre à la violence par la violence n’a mené qu’à des guerres.

Comprendre ce qui se passe, tout le monde en a une petite idée et a fait le choix d’en profiter ou de se résigner face à une telle complexité.

Beaucoup ont ouvert les yeux pour vite les détourner de l’horreur et nous ne pouvons les en blamer.

La vérité c’est que bien peu tirent les ficelles.

Menacez-les, ils lèveront leurs armées.

Aimez-les, ils finiront peut-être par arrêter.

Ils se savent déjà acculés et se préparent,

Pour la guerre ou pour la paix ?

C’est peut-être à nous de décider…