Decentralise Now, a Gathering for the 99%

On the 17th of September 2015, the fourth anniversary of the birth of the Occupy movement, you are invited to come as you are to “the Mountain of the Sun” and join the first Decentralise Now gathering on Mont-Soleil, Switzerland.

We need to synergise our efforts to become more effective in creating a new reality, a new world, a new way. It is time to “Occupy the World“ and create an alliance of the alternatives. This is a call for alliance!

We do not sit idly by whilst we see countries being economically water-boarded by the banks. We cannot ignore the pressures on everyday people that these austerity measures have created. There is another way.

We are prepared for a wave of synergism that decentralises the power structures. It is time to create a culture of self-empowerment, synergy and symbiosis between each other and nations.

We are the people - we are the 99%

Whether you already are a change maker or want to become one, whether you are Occupy, Anonymous, Transition, Maker, Greens, Pirate, Podemos, Permaculture, Rainbow, Hacker, Open Source, Electronic Frontier, Commons, New Edge, Edgeryder, Danach, Neustart, Anti-WEF, Panarchy, anarcho-this or anarcho-that, social entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, guerrilla gardener, insider, outsider, this-activist or that-activist, or just somebody that is aware - this call for alliance is to you.

It is time. Join us to Decentralise Now. In St-Imier, the home of anarchism… where it all began in 1872. We gather on the 17th of September to move ahead. The main event will be an intense collaboration and exchange that weekend, from Friday evening at 19:00 to Sunday at 17:00. This is an open ended gathering. We will continue beyond that weekend and you can join us at any time.

You are also able to participate online, if you can’t join us at the Décentrale on Mont-Soleil, Switzerland.



We intend to make this event prix-libre. We will need your financial support. Please expect to expend what you can afford to pay for such an event. If you can give more, please do. If you know people that might be able to make a financial contribution, please encourage them to do so.

Sign up and find more details here on the website, as they become available:

Date: 2015-09-16 22:00:00 - 2015-09-20 22:00:00, Europe/Zurich Time.


Hello to you!

Hello @zumbrunn. welcome to Edgeryders. Thanks for the invitation; to make it a bit more personal, where do you see Edgeryders contributing to Decentralise Now (other than financial support)?

How Edgeriders could get involved with Decentralise Now

Hi Alberto,

Well, for example by putting time and effort into solving the global societal, economic, environmental, security and energy problems threatening Europe and humanity in general. Or by caring about things like open access to knowledge; openness and transparency of government; food security; smart communities; decentralised economic architecture; free/open source software; and art.

That’s basically a copy/paste here from the website - and it is a virtual 100% match to what we want to do with Decentralise Now. So, fellow Edgeryders can see the Décentrale property on Mont-Soleil as one local hub where they can come and collaborate, work on their own as well as develop joint projects. Plus, of course we intent to locally recrute a growing group of people that will join us to become edgeryders and contribute to projects here and elsewhere.

One cool way of contributing currently would be producing short audio/radio reports about projects you are working on! Or pointing us to any interesting English, French and German content or music we could include.