Decisions of Team IT meetings, 2022-06-22

Today @manuelpueyo and I met as Team IT provisional. I am not sure where the documentation from team meetings (as opposed to plenaries) should be, so for now I am leaving it here. We decided, by consent, the following.

  1. Our three main priorities for the moment are: assisting new Reeflings with onboarding; writing documentation for the forum and the workspace; and updating our website.
  2. Assisting new Reeflings happens on a case-by-case basis. People can just ask us when they have some trouble.
  3. Documentation is going to be in markdown and on the forum, as a part of our open source policy (it is easier to find than on the workspace for people who do not have an account of The Reef’s Nextcloud). We created a new forum sub-category to gather this documentation: The Reef Documentation.
  4. The site needs to be updated to reflect recent decisions about recruitment of new reeflings.
  5. We are opting out of the To-Do list on the spreadsheet, as we prefer the issue tracking applications that come with Nextcloud. At the moment we are testing the simplest one, called Tasks. We have created and populated a Team IT task list, which you can find here (you need to be logged into the workspace to access it). EDIT – Correction: while we will test Nextcloud’s issue tracking apps, we will also contribute to the To-Do spreadsheet. The main difference is that the former will also track issues of minor importance, including several that we assign ourselves as opposed to being requested by the group at large.

thank you alberto! I see the 3 tasks in Nexcloud. i dont see anything asigned to me but as I say i can help to document first steps to nextcloud

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This is because tasks can not be assigned to an individual user. But cards in Deck can. I assigned a card to you:


I see it!