Decisions on the "social contract" deliverable

(This is after a long discussion with @markomanka earlier today. cc @lucechiodelliub and @melancon )

  1. The “social contract” deliverable is to become twofold. Part 1: social contract underpinning open care projects. This is the part that exists. Part 2: social contract underpinning participatory knowledge projects deploying collective intelligence, like OpenCare itself. The need for this emerged as a result of this discussion.
  • We submit it immediately with part 1 and a rough blueprint of part 2, not to accumulate further delay. Marco commits to re-submitting with a more developed part 2 later. This is because…
  • … it turns out Marco has strong and innovative conclusions about how OpenCare, as a project, fostered practices of peer-to-peer disclosure and support across its community. We concluded he has more than enough material for an academic paper. We tentatively think it should be submitted to a new CERN journal on management and innovation (Marco, can you add the journal’s title in a comment please?)
  • A short version of this intuition could be packaged into a section of the “from talk to action” paper led by @ezio_manzini and @federico_monaco. Ezio and I will touch base later this week.
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This is the journal recently launched by CERN ->

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deliverable 4.5 is to be submitted today (= last version shared by Marco). Waiting for our Part 2 to be ready for additional publication on, in accordance with the consensus reached above.

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Part2 is on your mailboxes :slight_smile: