Decompressing after #LOTE

…and while we do that, we’re keeping track of very important content from the conference sessions, making sense of ideas that developed during 6 months of online conversation and are now definitely shaping how we move forward with the richness in the community. Bridget, Chris, Charanya, Andrea, Mariana, Joe, Jorge, Smari, Lucas have all been generous enough to submit reports from the sessions they took part in:

  • commons: at \#lote we've come up with 4 challenges, and solutions focused on removing economic barriers so as to reduce unequal access or reclaim nature as commons
  • making a living: paid work, social innovation, recruitment processes, allies; have we acquired new skills that don’t fit old rules anymore? (also see video below)
  • learning: participants have addressed education issues as distinct from learning processes and proposed solutions to empower teachers, re-design evaluation, and open the creation and sharing of resources, potentially via technology
  • living together: whether in our personal, professional lives or in our community, key aspects to re-think are building trust, finding balance in our actions and developing from the bottom up
  • key proposals for democracy: a list ranging from increasing accountability to election promises to equality in rights and access for all citizens to open government collaboration
  • resilience: the session focused on a specific crisis scenario: the reduction of health resources to a mere 25%, and options to provide assistance in that situation.

YouTube last ones by Patrick just came in, and they are a very good writeup of the overall LOTE conference:

  • Meet the policy maker session: on tearing down walls vs. platitudes. and the exploding live twitter wall that arguably hosted a more complex conversation than the one in the room.
  • Europe: a future history session: "all that is needed it to drive the message home. Young people in Europe will not inherit the world. If the Edgeryders community is any indicator, they will change it"
  • Building the transition handbook "When the idea of the transition handbook was presented, and considering it is still a project in the making, the attendants to the conference immediately proposed co-creating the contents of the book. It stood to reason that, if the contents of the Edgeryders platform had been created by the community, the community should be responsible as well for the contents of the document that would be presented to the policy makers. How this will end only time will tell, and there is a likely possibility that several transition handbooks appear if the community supports their creation"

Last but not least, here’s a collection of thoughts from lote really worth checking out, especially if, like me, still have a hard time getting your head around the experience:YouTube

  • More where that interview came from on this channel!
  • @Gelada's perception of LOTE participants as fitting into 3 archetypes: "The first, fired up with ideals and energy, certain that the world could be changed if only the right policy could be found and implemented. With plenty of ideas on what that policy should be (after all certain things worked incredibly well for them)" [...] read more
  • "I have no doubt that the collaborations that grow from \#LOTE will shape the next decade of the work I do" - read Ben Vickers's post
  • "I’d like to see the Edgeryders platform evolve to reflect more strongly the solutions that emerged. I’d also like to see politicians engaging on the platform. Even if the Council of Europe can’t enact change, it may be possible for regional and city governments to nurture some of these ideas"- read Bridget's post
  • "I've seen, I believe, the best that the Institutions have to offer, and the best the Networks have to offer, at EdgeRyders and EdgeCamp [...] what I'm left with at the end of the process is a simple fact: we did not generate enough leverage to make a decisive mark on the landscape at an incredibly decisive window in history. We exceeded all reasonable expectations in terms of incremental change, but our problems are step-functions and our responses are analogue waves. Given the severity of the situation, we need more."- read Vinay Gupta's post
  • "After two days of relative politeness, where the Edgeryders sat through a variety of discussions ranging from monotonic to bland to tedious, having their most pressing questions disregarded while pith was picked up and played with by politicians and bureaucrats from various ends of Europe, they broke off to an unconference – an unprescribed meeting where attendees filled slots with their own agenda – where real magic happened"- read Smari McCarthy's post
  • "at edgecamp i met stateless individuals, moneyless individuals, engineers, artists, activists and coders and many more. sometimes people were all these things, sometimes they were none. but everyone was shiny with energy and the mindset of getting things done - either alongside or outside of the traditional institution that had invited us. we are all cyberpunks now"- read Jay's post
  • "I want to know more HOW people work, not just WHAT they do"- read Ola's post and suggestion for a visualization tool
  • "One of my favorite moments during \#LOTE and \#Edgecamp was the one-to-one conversations I had with most of you Edgeryders, I enjoyed listening to the story being told from a different angle every time. I found out that we share the same dreams, motivations and values to a great extent, but more important the determination to pursue these dreams" - read Ibrahim's post
  • Stephen Donald's video
  • aggregating photos, videos and other media here, feel free to add yours!