Dedicated Community Call: Join team unMonastery for Lote3

What better way to make the most out of the time we spend at the world’s first unMonastery, than building it together?! We will be traveling to Matera not just as visitors, in the annual Edgeryders community event, but as active supporters of a community born project. Our biggest yet! The unMonastery needs all the help it can get as it prepares to launch next February: from designing the interiors, to designing the clothing for the unMonasterians and working out protocols of engagement with the local community in Matera. We’re dedicating a whole program track at this, and now’s the time to put everything together.

This Friday we want to meet, discuss and plan ahead. The aim is to create a working group of Lote3 volunteers focusing on unMonastery related tasks, similarly to how we did it with social media and accommodation teams – by decentralizing and packetizing diverse tasks. Led by @ben, @ilariadauria and @invisigot (Fabio) if he’s up for it, this group would:

  • Propose sessions in this track & scout for session facilitators
  • Gather info about state of venue renovation and capacity
  • Help with small administrative tasks (eg help process incoming residency applications)
  • Help multiply reach of the International Call for Residencies
  • Facilitate design, fundraising and other key roles as outlined by Ben in this call

Why should you join this call and the unMonastery volunteers team?

  • Coming to Lote3 and/or haven’t found a way you too can help make it awesome?
  • Want to learn how to replicate the unMonastery model?
  • Want to build bridges between international change-makers and a local community?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, than come meet us on Friday!

Link to the hangout:

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Apply NOW for the unMonastery residency program!!

Date: 2013-08-30 09:00:00 - 2013-08-30 10:00:00, Europe/Berlin Time.

Bad connection

I’m still in South italy with a very bad connection. Available next friday. Sorry!

no problem see you at the next one then!

and thanks for letting us know. we’ll keep you updated with developments after Friday’s call.

looking forward :slight_smile:

i’ll be there :slight_smile: looking forward to help building the unMonastery :slight_smile: