Deep Democracy workshop

Folks & @reeflings,

thanks for a fun & effective meeting yesterday!

as said, I have an offer for a Deep Democracy training (close to sociocracy) by a wonderful facilitator (and improv pioneer in Flanders), Nathalie Van Renterghem from Leuven. 1/2 a day (so about 3h) of introduction & facilitation practice would cost 550€. So if we gather enough people (say about 10), it’s financially feasible.

Please let me know whether you’re interested, please not only yourself but in your friends/colleagues network too so we can get down to it fast. I am checking dates with her as we speak and will send out a doodle as soon as I have a reasonable amount of people onboard.

rock it today, people!


I’m definitely in!

Will put the word out to see if I can rustle up a couple more participants…

I hadn’t decided yet how I was going to approach today, but now that I’ve received clear instructions to ‘rock it’, that seems to be the only way to go… thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Hey @RalfWetzel
I am willing to practice these things and become a decent facilitator for thereef.
I am IN!

Thank you for the amazing facilitation yesterday,


Count me in too!

@nadia: do you maybe know people in Brussels who’d be up for deep democracy workshop?

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In too!

I would love to do it as well, if we manage to find a babysitter for that day.