Deliverable 2.2 - Social contract for the community almost ready. Feedback?

Hi all,

I am almost ready with this document,
I see that it is the only one this year related to our community building approach, so I decided to detail, perhaps more than needed, some decisions we took along the way.
The Social Contract text per se is included in the Results section and I think we should publish it soon after,

Anyone wants to have a look and let me know if it look OK for the reviewers? I need @alberto and @marina primarily.

Here it is.

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No objections from my side, I think it’s very good and clear.

Done, in the form of comments on the draft.

@noemi just give me the green light so I can submit today

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It’s good, I just finished. Maybe it needs some formatting, I don;t know, but looks OK from my end,

Thanks Marina!

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