Deliverable 2.4 on its way


We are almost done updating D2.3 to its final version, D2.4. Find it here. But here is the catch: @noemi is mapping the collaborations started at the Festival (go on slide 23), but it will be about a week before that mapping is complete. Two possibilities:

  1. We submit as it is (less a few edits that can be made in a day), then add collaborations to the final reporting instead.

  2. We wait for this information to come in before submitting.

Please advise.

Got it. I wait for the extended version with the mapping made by Noemi.
Let me know when it’s ready for submission.

Nadia tells me we are ready for submission, except for the extended mapping.

@noemi, where are you with this? Unless it’s almost ready, I would probably just submit what we have. Your mapping can also go in the final reporting.

Heya, I added what I have so far in slide 20. Hope it works!

Thanks @noemi – slide 20 is pretty ugly though. Do we need the bullet point list on the right side? If not, could you please replace it with an image, or even just white background, so that we can submit?

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@lucechiodelliub you can download and submit then. Thanks, No.

Thanks for the feedback.

Before submitting the document, could you please update it using the opencare layout, in ppt format ?
The template is available there:

Sorry to insist on this aspect, but we had remarks from the reviewers about our deliverables looking incoherent, because submitted with and without the official opencare layout. And I’m having trouble in the export from Google Docs (some pictures cannot be charged).

That template does not seem to work. I can edit the title of the slide, but not the box with all the info in it.

it’s ok, copy/paste the rest, I’ll manage the box with the info.

@lucechiodelliub, I’m sorry but this template does not work. When I add new slides based on the template, they add “vanilla” slides with no footer or anything (and the wrong font to boot). I could manually add the footer, but that’s as far as I would go – plus I think people would get tired to see our logos on 20+ pages. Is that what you want?

I should add that I do not use PowerPoint. But I do use LibreOffice, and it was made to be exactly the same.

copy/paste your content into the vanilla slides, leave the template front page, i’ll manage the rest

I’m trying, but it’s really messy. Here is what happens when you try to superimpose the “Title + content” page in the template to a slide with some text:

What’s happening here is that the template for the “Title + text” slides got exchanged with that of the title page. Plus, the title page is really busy. I got about halfway through, but it does not feel like useful work – 90 minutes of copy and paste, and it does not even look tidy.


I managed to do something from the template and your doc. I noticed there are notes below several slides that comment their content.
Should they be included as well? (The version of the deliverable I’m about to submit is supposed to be a pdf)

No, no need to include the notes.

Thank you, @lucechiodelliub, but you should not have bothered! This is our responsibility, and I am happy to do it. I was working my way through it – about slide 22 now. Should I finish? Or send you what I have?

I’ve done it, so don’t bother anymore - I tried to keep it simple and in line with the spirit of Noemi’s and Nadia’s presentations. Have a glimpse here:
If you feel its suitable for publication, I’ll go with it straight out.

A more compatible version of the ppt template is made available for download from the opencare admin folder > deliverables > templates.

It works for me. Please go ahead and submit.

done !

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