Deliverables and Milestones for POPREBEL and NGI Forward

@nadia @ivan this is the deliverable related to the final event. We need to ask for extension of the deadline since it’s happening only end of November. The project is ending on 31st December, meaning the report will need to be submitted to Nesta for review by mid-December.

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Yes. @amelia let’s you and I sit down and discuss how to go from Leonie’s draft to what we want to achieve. The October deadline is clearly not realistic, we could maybe aim to deliver it mid-November for internal review, and end November for formal delivery and entry into the Commission’s portal.

Yes, I am working on it. I have set aside most of next week. Is there a hard date for the deadline?

Yes, it needs to be submitted to Nesta 2 weeks before the deadline for revision, meaning by 15th of October. There is also a template to be used, you have access to the shared NGI Drive from Nesta, try this link.

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Great, this works for me. Yes, let’s talk!

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I dont see any issues delivering the report on time tbh. Its not like we need to ssna code anything - rather just give a summary and stats about how many people were there form which stakeholder groups and main conclusions. No?

Yes, but the current deadline is October. And the event is only happening end of November.

aha yes ok, how to ask for extension? do you need anything else from me?

No, I already informed them, all is fine and understandable since the planning changed.

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I ran into a few snags, so it will not be ready until next week. I hope that will not cause too many problems!

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do you have an estimation on when exactly this week? I should inform Nesta.

I can promise to have it on Thursday.

What will be enough? To send the link to the dashboard, or will we need to do something more? I’ve never reported one of these deliverables.

@hugi the format needs to follow this deliverable template