Design Challenge

1) What is the problem/question you’re trying to solve?

How to empower people to have a better understanding for each other through meeting on an eye level?

2) State the ultimate impact you would like to have.

  • people meeting on an eye level

  • people gaining knowledge about each other and their culture

  • people learning from each other

  • people helping each other

3) What are some possible solutions to your problems or ways to answer your question?

  • create ways where people are able to meet on an eye level

  • create ways for people to have fun together

  • create ways that people want to participate

4) Write down some of the context and constraints that you are facing.

  • feeling of insecurity towards the not yet known

  • fear of binding/ investigating time

  • not knowing what the outcome would be

5) Does your original question need a tweak?

How to create a situation where people are motivated and have fun to participate?

Working in groups?

Hi @Cindy_P., are you working with @Luisa by any chance? I see she has posted an almost identical challenge.

Also, @makerphil was asking something similar and I offered an example of a (public) happening and eyecontact experiment.

How can we, others in the community, help?