Design Occupy UK

I am one of the founder of Design Occupy UK. We set up this group to use design skills support the many campaigns run by the Occupy movement and expose the corruption of the banks and governments that are attempting to make ordinary citizens pay for the crises created by the financial sector. We are organising an event at the end of April. I will return here soon to update this page with more information.

Go on!

Hello Jody, nice to hear from you.

There has been few mission reports at Edgeryders from the #Occupy spheres, well, not as much as I would have liked to see, therefore, go ahead!, inform us about what goes on in your communities and country, and how citizens are being mobilised and engaged in an occupy movement.

By the way, I like the colorful illustration, how the circles turn into images that look like people pulling their hair out!

Hello Jody!

It sounds very

Hello Jody!

It sounds very interesting and I took also a look on your website which is pretty informed.

Although I am really looking forward to hearing your stories and your personal point of view :slight_smile:

Thank you

Great presentation on the site, Jody

Really sharp and to the point. I particularly liked the logo-graphs.


Would be very interested in getting together info to be turned into graphics on e.g. the scale of the bailouts, banker bonuses and salaries etc etc

hey Jody how did it go?

you left us biting our nails :slight_smile:  What was the event, was it the launch?

You gotta fuel our curiosity and I remembered because your report keeps popping out where others are interested in design… like here in this discussion on  images as vehicles for messages.

I’ve checked out your blog and I’ve looked through some of the briefs and various competitions, impressive… Debranding London instead of Rebranding it, loved it ! Do you think the posters/ the Occupier images are free to share via our own online networks?

Thank you, looking forward to hearing more and seeing you in Strasbourg!