Design, Storytelling and Documentation


This is the team for you If you want to discover great people and promising projects, help get their message out into the world, and help draw support to their work.

We are mainly interested in people, projects and places that help us to reimagine how we care for one another in the 21st century. This is a global community, with participating people and projects located in more than 50 countries. It connects inspiring people from all walks of life, each one bringing with them new information, knowledge, skills and opportunities. Our communication efforts aim to make their initiatives visible to one another and to the world at large.

Members also document of what happens during the event, make detailed notes from key sessions writeups of key sessions, summarise the conclusions and ways forward so that we can continue to learn and collaborate once the event is over.

If you are up for contributing to make this a great experience for you and your peers, let’s collaborate. Like everything on Edgeryders, this is driven by social interactions. Things only become active when you post something, so if you think something needs to happen, step in and drive it, and others will follow :slight_smile:

Tasks available to this team

Do design (flyers, visualisations, interfaces, physical objects e.g. prototypes)

Conduct an interview and publish it

Tell the story of a change-making project

Document a conference session

Information design | Copywriting

Create a story of the openvillage festival in tweets, for the twitter press conference

…or propose a new task if you want to contribute with something else!

Steps to get your OpenVillage Festival ticket

Each ticket is worth a number of tasks. They take no more than 30 minutes each and can be done whenever you like:

  1. Login to your edgeryders account (create a new one here)
  2. Introduce yourself in a comment below and pick one or more task that interests you.
  3. We will then contact you individually to shape a set of 5 tasks that you will enjoy and find useful as preparation to help you get the most out of the event.

Use the comments below to communicate with the team to let us know once you have completed your tasks. Or if you have questions etc.

Information Designer form Ghent


I’m Pieter, an information designer living and working in Ghent. I’m a biologist by degree but I have a keen interest in turning complex information into clear and appealing graphics. I mainly design infographics and animations for scientists but I’m open for any kind of graphic work. I’m especially interested in the relation between science and design and how the latter can be used to attract a bigger audience to scientific research.

For the open village festival I can design:


flyers, posters,…

social media graphics

a motion graphic (animated video) to advertise the festival

and so much more…

Let me know what you need, I’ll be happy to help you out!


very interesting

Hi Pieter,

That sounds interesting! I would like to see some of your work.

You might be interested in our project and publication about health concerns in Kathmandu…Project Publication – Bagmati River Art Project .

I hope to meet you in Brussels.

Kind regards,


Hi guys!

It was really nice meeting you yesterday Pieter, we’re working on that writeup of the bigger vision behind open village as planned.

Hi Alberto :slight_smile:

Yesterday we had a long call to discuss what is needed, and structure it so it is easy and to work together as a distributed crew spread all over the place. Here’s what we came up with, what do you think?

Summarising conversations in different threads…

The link between openvillage, edgeryders and the festival has not been articulated clearly as @albertorey and @Scigrades and others in the community have pointed out.

It’s something we are struggling with- Pieter has kindly offered to help do a simple visualisation once we have done a first writeup. Openvillage, and edgeryders in general, is a response to systemic problems. People come at them from different angles, this is my own whereas Alberto Cottica’s is here and if you trawl through the edgeryders conversations throughout the years there are hundreds of conversations, each containing a piece of the puzzle. Over the next couple of days and weeks we will be hammering away at it with anyone and everyone who wishes to get involved. @Matthias is already here in Brussels, we’re meeting @Mariekebelle this evening to drink and chat at a winebar near here (Rubik)  @ewoudvenema is dropping by tomorrow, and it’s one of the things we will be working on with @Matteo_Uguzzoni in the Power pitch workshop on Friday and Saturday.

As far as what is already here:

We have a number of spaces on the platform. They’re currently not easily accessible, but will be changing this so that visitors to can get to them directly from the top level links in the hamburger menu- they will replace several of the ones which are currently there. We are also looking updating their contents to make clear connection with OpenVillage, and then adding links to them from the openvillage menu:

  1. Blog where deep" interview and "all together now" blogposts can be found:
  2. Channels where stories, blogposts etc are sorted by topic:
  3. Arrivals where edgeryders videos interviews can be found:

… What do you think?