Designing a new course at UDK with Susa

Hi all,

Meet @Susa who is currently a guest professor at Berlin University of the Arts (UDK). We are currently co-designing a new undergraduate product design course for the fall semester, possibly in collaboration with Kickstarter. Our focus is in “building” and product/service development strands of the Open Care project in 3-month cycle. Our aim is to contribute to building a community of people to drive this forward. This is a first step in actively developing of methodologies and tangible outputs regardless of what happens with the Horizon 2020 application.

One resource which may be of use to us (and others) is this Nesta guide to building corportate-startup collaborations: winning together june 2015.pdf

Also some OECD data on community and social support networks in different countries (how the data is presented, rather than the polling data itself which may well be rubbish):

We’ll post some more stuff here soon e.g. course design ideas and updates from various conversations…