Designing EdgeRyders Online

The purpose of this group is to create a roadmap of potential development for the EdgeRyders online space.

The designs will be created parallel to actual development. They are an invitation for anyone in the community (regardless of technical abilities) to contribute to shaping our future online home. Developers (those of a technical disposition) are welcome to assist in both the design efforts and in helping the group to design efficiently for the technologies available to us.

Hopefully this effort will enable us as a community to shape our home and in doing so will make it easier for the programmers amongst us convert designs into actual working software by:

  1. Providing simple, clear and communicable designs that will make the programming effort more peaceful and predictable.
  2. Reducing distractive noise that comes from ad-ho, sporadic and changing requirements and feature creep.
  3. Making it possible to invest programming efforts wised based on shared vision and objectives.
  4. Breaking down large projects into prioritized workable mini-projects that can be gradually created and assembled into larger complete solutions.

There is no guarantee that designs will become working solutions. This depends on forming considerate, professional and efficient relationships between technical and non-technical members of the community.

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