Did we meet at Data Terra Nemo?

This is directed to you who might have heard me talk about Edgeryders at Data Terra Nemo.

Basically, the Internet of Humans project can be relevant for you in a few different ways:

  1. We will run collaborative proposal writing workshops, mainly to go for EU funds
  2. We award fellowships with travel bursaries
  3. We can direct you towards funds in the NGI ecosystem
  4. We will run events like the one we just ran in Stockholm, connecting you to people who you could collaborate with to go for big funding from bodies like the EU Horizon 2020, which requires ambitious applications and multi-party consortia.
  5. We also work with policymakers and institutions who need to understand what you are building in order to create funding calls to match it.
  6. We interface with policymakers and institutions to proactively influence better legislation to try to prevent legislators from breaking what we’re working on

Your first step towards all of this is simple. Just make a post about yourself and what you are working on. We will then be able to tag you and draw you in when interesting things happen. Our next big collaborative proposal writing session will be in October.