Difficulties to find jobs for students

Why is it so difficult provide a temporary job as a first experience for young universitary students?

In my personal opinion company’s owners don’t give a chance to young people, they are too scared and they don’t have time for wait the results. The message that they are sending to me is that there is and will be no opportunity to find a temporary job if you have not previous experience. Seeing the hard-time is crossing Italy how students can continue with their studies if they don’t receive an help from the civil society?

I tell you about my experience:

I’m 20 years old, i just started the University on milan and in the free time i was looking forward to find a temporary job that could help me substain the expenses i have to manage. I sended many of my cv’s around and nobody took it in considerations seeing the fact i dont have any past work experience ( also because i’ve been studying english the last year in Bristol taking a certificate that in Englan would have allowed me to study in every kind of university).

What i’m asking to myself now is why is it so difficult to find a temporary job if you dont have a specific past experience but a recognized english certificate?

Tell me your experience, i will be glad to listen something about it.

What kind of jobs?

Hello sme91, thanks for sharing your experience. Can I ask you what kind of temporary jobs you have been applying for?



I’ve been applying for jobs like: Promoter or Waiter. Ma generally to any kind of temporary jobs available

don’t lose hope

Hello sme91,

Where I come from (Cluj in Romania), the difficulty is not finding any job, the difficulty is finding a job in your field of specialization. As students, most of my friends have worked as waiters, florists, babysitters, operators in call centers, field survey operators… Generally  those jobs employers don’t look for much experience or some even offer an on- the-job training. of course, it’s difficult to answer your question in terms of generalizable statements: Why is it so difficult provide a temporary job as a first experience for young universitary students? i think it depends on particular circumstances, mix of skills, employers, having a solid recommendation etc. what do you study now in Milan? also English?

Also, for temporary jobs qualifications may not be the most important criteria. Don’t be surprised if an English certificate won’t get you too far, mine went almost unticed for years. it may be a plus, but depending on the job it may not matter at all. And now I find that English as a foreign language is not enough anymore in some cases, ideally I would need to be proficient in another one as well.

How come you didn’t stay in the UK to continue to study? did you try applying for other local funding opportunities until you find a job? maybe a scholarship?