DIGILOGIC Smart Logistics Challenges for Innovators


o you have an innovative idea to address smart logistics challenges in Africa?
Apply to DIGILOGIC Challenges by 31st August to:

Participate in a 3-day Bootcamp in Europe with relevant experts
Enjoy 12 months of support (85 hours) from technology, business and logistics experts from Europe and Africa.
Have 12 months of access to Digital Innovation Hubs facilities in Africa and Europe (up to 85 hours)
Enjoy marketing support to meet investors and uptakers. [Challenges - DIGILOGIC Community](https://community.digilogic.africa/challenges//)

Hello @DIGILOGIC, you are welcome here, but this post seems a bit‚Ķ impersonal, like you are communicating outwards rather than engaging. Why, exactly, have you chosen to post it on Edgeryders? Who would you want to talk to? Perhaps we can help you find interesting people on this forum, but, it would need to be a more intentional. The ‚Äúdigital communication‚ÄĚ approach never worked very well here.

Good morning Alberto,
we’ve this Challenge open for innovators in Europe and Africa and we are trying to reach out to interested participants… that’s why we posted it in your community…

Ok, but, from what I am reading, you are looking for people who are time-rich, because you offer access to support but are not offering to cover their time, is that correct? Once that is clarified, I recommend you use the search bar and look around for posts authored bt people that fit your bill. You could find African entrepreneurs like @hegazy, @Adonis2 or @Eric (this last one probably inactive by now), but these are busy people, who would probably not take such an offer up themselves.

Even a supersimple one turns up quite a lot: Search results for 'africa' - Edgeryders

Thanks Alberto…
we just posted in an Africa chat now !

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Hello @DIGILOGIC _ It would be good if you introduce yourself and what your personal involvement is in the initiative. Ideally, you would not use the organisation’s handle but a personal one as this is a community space where we interact with one another as people, not as organisations. What, if anything, makes what you are offering credible enough for people to put their time into? Who exactly are these experts and what is their relationship to the program?