DigiRecycle software: Diogo Challenge Application

DigiRecycle, a software that reduces online archives into fun, useful and engaging information

  • Q3: Please describe your idea (max 200 words) *
  • Digital Recycle or DigiRecycle is a software that collects data from other social website (of an individual, organization or any online community) regarding their past posts (on discussion forums, blog threads, status updates, tweets etc) and presents various useful information for social, economic and political activities on ground.
  • The users are provided the option to store, share, use and analyze old posts from social websites. The software presents various types of new data which can be useful for wide range of economic, social and health sector. The users can share or edit these new information to engage productively with their list of friends and family circles.
  • Small and medium private businesses that are interested to manage their content development to distribution without regenerating new content for their products and services aimed at local communities on ground. The businesses both online and offline are provided solutions to boost their online footprint and expand their target audiences cheaply and build strong connections with on-ground communities.
  • It will also help manage the flow of activities of the group via maintenance of websites, content development, sales/revenue distribution, events and marketing,communication channels involving emails, video/audio/texts, forums, projects evaluations.
  • Q4: Tweet your idea! (max 140 characters) *
  • Reduce \#archives, Rethink \#moments and Recycle human culture @DigiRecycle, that helps social development by remaking collective perceptions.
  • Q5: Please tell us why you believe your idea is innovative in a given context. Alternatively, if your idea is based on something that already exists, explain how your idea differs to this. (max 200 words) *
  • Similar type of software and other digital products have invented. However these are either directed towards sophisticated systems or complex data and not for social purposes. reduction of online communities are mostly tagged under hashes or other taxonomy which are confusing. DigiRecycle aims to bring value to every post published online by making it meaningful through developing sentimental or semantic value to it.
  • The software help establish clarity and concreteness in the communication flow for a group or an individual while interacting online. This services will provide new form of marketing to the youth organizations and private/public organizations by linking their brands with the community; as the recycling of content is processed to remake of global cultures through online and on-ground activities.
  • The online users can benefit in learning and teaching of different cultures in the community by reducing their digital content posted on internet. The users will also be invited to engage in connecting and sharing with their past experiences and goals, to get motivation to either support or assist social and cultural projects. Lastly, services will minimizing customer's cost of marketing through cheap sources of content development and engaging with their customers simultaneously.
  • Q6: How will your idea have an impact? (max 200 words) *
  • The impact will minimize their cost for marketing budgets, increase corporate social responsibilities and support new product/markets developments. Furthermore, that spaces used by servers to maintain data for cloud services may also be reduced that can be utilized for other productive purposes.
  • Creative and artistic professionals including student unions, freelancers, entrepreneurs, cultural and media associations/networks and other economic associations are engaged in a meaningful learning curve that benefits each other’s through sharing their old digital archives.
  • The argument is to get them into contractual agreements to produce new digital content
  • for the community using recycle content that provides opportunity for them to participate in the projects and showcase their skills to prospective private and public organizations. The work received by the professionals for the projects may translate sales and reputation for the community in terms of business or economic sense.
  • In addition to commercial companies would like to engage with their audiences through promoting events that fosters past successes, by involving interactive activities to recycle historical data.
  • The process of recycling, rethinking and remaking new posts follows processes that is fast, engaging and productive.
  • Q7: At what scale will your idea operate initially and how do you think it can be implemented in another region or EU Member State in the future? (max 200 words) *
  • Initially the coding of the software and designing of the user experience journeys will start with collaborating with similar kind of groups interested in developing such minimum viable product. Later a wide variety of recyclable content and diverse sets of creative and media professionals and networks across continents are marketed upon to minimize digital waste for promoting global unified action. These processes will help develop new cultural experiences and conflicts existing between societies that will result in an online community around the software.
  • Secondly, services offered to the users would be complimenting and connecting other communities despite they have similarities or not within the process of reduction of content. For example, online communities, skills networks centers on both online and offline and marketing/remixing of content companies would be benefiting from the re-usage of content processed by the members of each other communities.
  • I would like to offer the services that will help narrow the issues of overflow of information available on search engines that creates cumbersome and resource wastage.
  • Q8: How do you think your idea could be sustained over the next three years? (max 200 words) *
  • The start-up phase as outlined in the plans are concentrated on designing and networking of the software and services to its target audience. Along with that, we will be integrating organizing and setting measurable tools to manage content driven projects within clear categories.
  • Over the next 6 months the focus of business activities is content driven projects towards the development of creative culture media moving industry. The exchange of value added knowledge based products and services are directed towards the overall social development of the world. These are achieved through implementing following goals.
  • – a) organize and promote cultural events,
  • – b) collaborate and publish creative media moving content,
  • – c) support and develop web-based Information and Communication Technologies.
  • In the context of labor market within creative culture media moving industry, the goals are to interconnect creative and cultural workers to formal sectors of the economy for mutual value addition.
  • •Broader strategy is to develop reliable and trusted networks around the world for implementing creative social projects by generating an economic need. Bring local talent, voices and wisdom across continents to multicultural, transnational and global audiences. These strategies are a tactical implementation of our overall business goal as well.
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Is it about collect and store data, or also about analysis?

Heya, reading this reminded me of the whole buzz about the social networks aggregators and as i was revisiting this famous post on mashable, I realise most of the ideas have died in the meantime, don’t know why exactly.

What i find interesting about your idea is the potential to run analyses on one’s web activity across time, but it’s not clear whether that’s something the client would do or it would also be provided as a service? Anyway, it would be useful for organisations, especially distributed ones like ER.

Would DigiRecycle be using free and open software?