Discourses on Facebook - what to do about them?

Some conversations about unMonastery happen on facebook (like it or not). On thread started by Michel Bauwens in P2P Facebook Group someone even suggested some place in Rome. Looks like @fortyfoxes may receive notifications on that thread (after my mention). And I’ve also seen @Nadia mentioned there.

I try to suggest people to engage via newly released by @Kei http://unmonastery.org or this group here. I wonder if someone else uses facebook and would like to point people to other places where they can interact with people currently working on unMonastery? Myself I very unlikely will find time in next weeks/months to dedicate to unMonastic endeavors, but can still mention someone willing to help if I come across such discussions…

Anyone interested in bridging to interactions on FB???

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Not sure someone at unMonastery is acting as “Facebook ambassador”. It seems to me the core group is stretched quite thin, so I am guessing it will be idiosyncratic: people post in Facebook, they will get a response or not, depending on who happens to be around and on FB’s algorithms in who gets to see what :slight_smile: