Discussing the Christmas celebration event of climate KIC as a case study

Discussing the Christmas celebration event of climate KIC as a case study:


17th of DEC 12:00 - 14:00 (+ 30 min?), 14 offices + people from their own devices at home.

The goal of the event:

Look back on what was archived in 2019 and what is to come in 2020. Htis is a new eevent, not something that has been done already regularly.

The social goal as defined by climate KIC:

Incentivise to socialise with different offices, to feel like one team, but also to incentivise to come into the office instead of working from home.

Event proposal as planned by the organisation team as-is:

Eurovision Song contest style with main and local hosts. Programm:

  1. Saying hello to the different offices (30 min)
  2. Opening words CEO
  3. Ask everyone to share their achievements (through the survey (menti) while showing videos of past activities. + presentation
  4. Presentation what happens in 2020. Check out from each office.
  5. Checkout with the presentation: What Christmas dinner would your team be/have?

Additional Ideas:

  • Playlist from each office? (maybe phase that throughout the year, just introduce process/idea during the event that after-work music will be hosted by a different office once a month?
  • Having people in the offices draw names of coworkers and they have to write a one-paragraph characterisation of that coworker. (how about using the interview post forms from Edgeryders in such a context?)

cadence study question:

  • Does my colleague respond in an expected time frame?

  • Do they have relevant skills that I might rely on to do my own work?

  • Do I like working with and communicating with him/her?

  • Do we “click”?

  • Does my coworker have time to be friends?

  • Does being friends with my coworker hurt my work in any way?

The event is supposed to encourage remote social interaction and work between offices.

Climate KIC wants to discourage remote work from home.

Ask: why? What is the policy behind that?


Helping organising the Christmas event itself might not be the best use our time, the time frame to develop the event is very short and the focus is a different one. We can include the event in so far as to introduce some methods we are planning to use the following year and for gathering experiences to inform the best practice recommendations.


The co-design workshop on the 19th goal should be to develop scripts for 3- 5 minute best practise and remote work value videos in collaboration with the Climate KIC team.

write up of the interview with Lisa (responsible for digital development) and further insights and ideas emerging in the process:

ping @ilaria @alberto, @johncoate, @matthias