Distributed/Decentralized Future Session

This is the “straggler” — the record of @zelf’s session on Distributed/Decentralized Future from a month ago :laughing:


Hanna My
Kai (kaos pilots)

Distributed/Decentralized Future (Zenna Fiscella aka @zelf )

Distributed Society can mean many things.
So what can distributed society mean?

Makers movement kicked off from the Hacker space movement
It focuses on: Computer controlled machining

This means you create a digital blueprint, it can be developed bz one person and then shifted around to different destinations and everyone who has access to it can make the same things

If you have a blueprint you don’t need the same amount of people to learn the same amount of things

example: nondistributed society with local production

scaling up on global level with a bunch of different villages with this mindset and technology.

  • this would also create a distributed research process
  • we can learn faster
  • we can decentralize who has access to tech and knowledge
  • Example: building software for libraries
  • at the moment: each city builds own software for library
  • idea: there is a foundation where people pledge to contribute their infrastructure solutions
  • Example: Adidas is using this model in a corporate way

Local harvesting of resources

  • example: in sahara sun can be used to build houses
  • using local resources and local research
  • Power is (technical) knowledge or: knowledge is power

Crisis scenarios

  • Military is interested in distributed technology
  • the current structure of the internet is very unstable
  • you can easily break the entire infrastructure of an entire nation by breaking single nodes
  • by distributing this you can be more resilient
  • people behind the knowledge and their credentials? (hairdressers, engineers, etc etc)
  • how will people join and share their knowledge?
  • could this system create more inequality? Who is creating the new system? Who will be the gatekeepers?
  • How do you see two of these systems evolving at the same time? (Hypercapitalism and Communism)
  • Marginal Utility?
    Have you been in contact with the eco-village network?
  • Scuttlebutt as a distributed social network to pitch to eco-villages as soon as their are private groups
  • Thought: post-climate societal collapse

could you call this stage a society? isn’t it just hubs? what binds them together?

  • Zenna defintion of society: society is people who are collaborating on a better existence of life (hopefully beyond --human standpoint)
  • Society is not centralized
    Why do we need to organize?
    Thought: There are things you need to experience in order to put it into your knowledge-base

example: governance systems

  • rise of nationalism and far-right in Germany if you can’t share and pass on the knowledge and experience it face to face
  • Zenna: when people enter a system and are presented with a structure they know how to behave and can later replicate that structure
  • the reason for eco-villages: they are already trying to implement a new structure
    example: Kaospilot school teaches how to self-organize
    Thought: How resources can be distributed
  • Importance of local-based production
  • Connection to power structures within society
  • if you are not self-sustaining you are not free because you are tied to these structures
  • Idea: maybe the blueprints don’t have to be necessary, but an addition/ extra/ plus
  • Global production to local production
  • depends how the structure is designed
  • you also have to localize who owns the production
  • it has to make more sense to look locally for production
  • local resources often aren’t used because they don’t scale up
  • “libraries of machinery”