Distributing flyers

Why is it useful to distribute flyers?

Because this allows us to reach out to people outside of our networks and outside of the typical cohousing websites. Even if only a couple of flyers are picked up, they can really make the difference. It’s also difficult to know the impact, because something they are found by someone, who gives it to a friend, who tells it to a friend etc.

How many should you leave at every place?

What we learned over the year is that there are two options: 1) they are quickly thrown away, or 2) they stay there forever.

In the places where they stay forever, we see that not that many flyers are picked up. So leaving 5-10 flyers in every place should normally be enough. If there are thrown away, it’s not a lot, and if they stay there forever, there will be copies left for at least a couple of months.

How to carry them around?

If you carry around one or the other bag: cutting out a mini-sleeve out of a (cardboard) envelope provides for good protection, and makes it possible to carry 10-20 flyers wherever you go.

Where can you get some more flyers?

The mighty @manuelpueyo usually keeps the stock. We’ll be distributing a pack at the next plenary meeting, but you can always ask for more in between.