Distrikt Design Constraints

  1. The new Distrikt must have a social order that is based on movement of goods by fiat, market or co-operation. The mechanics of this social order and its tradeoffs must be understood.
  2. Where technology introduces radical change, explain the workings of the technology. Be highly specific about the implementation. You cannot have ‘magic’ (ie: ‘AI’ or ‘Ecofriendly technology’) that works in mysterious ways to solve hard problems in reality.
  3. All policies must fit into a deck of 15 cards. Your distrikt should be expressed in these 15: if it cannot, think about it until it can. Focus on what the new Distrikt is about at its core. Religious autocracy? Anarchist commune? Then think about how it can go well AND how it can go wrong. Those are the strengths and weaknesses of your new distrikt.
  4. No ‘autoplay’: a player must be able to steer a distrikt into victory (luck willing) or disaster.
  5. Resources are limited and tradeoffs need to be made. Conjuring points out of nowhere should be handled cautiously. Limit Static Cards’ regen to +1 with a luck roll (generally) or +2 points with some sacrificing of points.
  6. No Static Card can regen all three indicators at once.
  7. Distrikt should die within 10 event turns most of the time (ie: 2/3rd of playtests).