Distrikts of Witness

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The State Machine has partitioned Witness into Distrikts, with each Distrikt implementing a social contract that fits its population. {style="color: #fff; width: 80%; padding-top: 1rem; border-top: 1px solid white; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4); " class=“text-2xl mt-4 mx-auto leading-normal”}

Welcome to Witness!

Witness is the most populous seasteading megacity on record. Initially developed under Project Viking (which gave birth to other noted cities such as Byzantium and Vivarium), Witness grew far beyond its original physical and legal bounds, and today is considered the cultural, financial and media capital of the post-Sundering world.

Witness is large and diverse enough to be divided into territorial units called Distrikts, each one with its own unique mix of culture, ideology, science, religion, institution and economy. Running through each Distrikt is the Migrant Train. People whose morals and attitudes do not align with that of the majority in their Distrikt are can leave and are recommended a Distrikt that will fit their lives better.

Navigating Witness

There are many ways to begin your tour of Witness.
To understand how this city came to be, and to dig into the political mosaic that behind it, explore the history of Witness.

Fancy a more physical tour? Hop on the Migrant Train and visit one of the Distrikts below to read about how they operate, how they came to be, and what they look and feel like to live in.

Name Established Population
Hygge 0.5 0D ?
Libria 0.5 0D ?
The Covenant 7 0D ?
Avantgrid ? 1.1 million
The Assembly ? ?
The Dandelion Republic ? 700,000 (est)

Whatever you find most intriguing - be it anarchist-communist societies with auto-decaying currencies, or a life of faith and community, or the ultimate libertarian paradise, you will find it here.

But this article (your humble tour guide) only knows so much! We will keep this place updated as new areas of Witness are come into being and written about. Perhaps you yourself will discover many things that we do not know, and come back to tell the tale.

Enjoy your visit!

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