Diy days and Collaboratory hackathon

18 & 19 January 2014 diy days diy days is a well renowned and participatory lab organized to support local and global creators, give info on latest trends and to design the future together through human centered methods like storytelling and game mechanics. The event has been around since 2007, when storyteller Lance Weiler started it in New York. In 2014 diy days will be held in 12 cities around the world, with Future cities as an overarching theme for the year. Think TED + Maker Faire + Purposeful Storytelling = diy days In Gothenburg 2014, we work around the theme Future city - Sustainable and Playful Design with a Focus on Water. Location is Gothenburg Film Studios with some workshops in Collaboratory, at Lindholmen.

We have activities involving games, maker spaces, new business models and currencies, education, ICT, storytelling, transmedia, digitalization, architecture, high-tech fashion, water-related artwork and innovations, crafts , technological and social innovation, and more. Best of all is that we offer you the opportunity to show, test and develop your own projects. We sponsor you with a large studio filled with tables where you can exhibit works or build new ones , it becomes a maker and hacker space, game hall and exhibition area, a social sandbox, which also provides global exposure, as we live stream, film and publish articles.

Apply for a spot by sending a description of what you want to do to We also have a project / business competition where the winner will get to present on stage and get feedback from local and national experts in game design, film, transmedia , entrepreneurship, innovation, etc, and compete for support in 2014 and to present and test the results in the following diy days in 2015. Projects that are open to cooperation can also be integrated in workshops during the days in order to be develop together with other participants. Compete by sending a project description and info on what you need most support with to

To be accessible to all people, the event is free to participate in and we work hard to be able to have it that way. It costs no money to attend but you must register in order to get a ticket, at and payment is made in terms of commitment and knowledge sharing, please do not occupy tickets if you do not intend to participate. 20 to 26 January Collaboratory Hackathon Right after diy days, results, prototypes and a couple of projects are taken into a hackathon in Collaboratory to be developed and implemented. Starting in the beginning of the week with mentoring game artists and a workshop on business models where we work digitally with a global network to gather an archive of new business models. Activities and projects are designed depending on what you want to do and what projects are applying for diy days or being started there, please contact Jasmine if you want to curate an activity or have questions The Hackathon will be held in the maker space Collaboratory across from the Gothenburg Film Studios, Polstjärnegatan 14. It is ok to sleep over (bring what you need) and showers are available nearby. Email Jasmine if you want to stay there.

Date: 2014-01-17 23:00:00 - 2014-01-26 23:00:00, Europe/Stockholm Time.




Thumbs up! I wish I had known about this earlier. It could’ve been a good place to share insights on the unMonastery and get inspired by peers. I’ll stay tuned for the 2015 meeting… Any chance some of the sessions will be in streaming?

It’s been too long…

,since I’ve heard from you ! Jasmine, glad to see you’re pulling this off again, I’ve been following with interest last year and enjoyed reading the follow up booklet.

Love this familiar phrase: “payment is made in terms of commitment and knowledge sharing” :))

Unfortunately I won’t be able to join now in January, however count on us for spreading the word. cheers!

thanks Noemi!

Ilaria, yes we plan to stream as much as possible and during the hack on Monday and a workshop on Saturday we work globally around new business models and currencies, your insights would be very valuable there, a google doc will open up in a week or so where we will co-build an archive of insights and models to lab around, those will also be developed during other events in 2014, more info on that will be published on the diy site soon