Do Read: Why Dan Gillmore is Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google and Microsoft and is putting more trust in communities than corporations

More important, I’ve moved to these alternative platforms because I’ve changed my mind about the politics of technology. I now believe it’s essential to embed my instincts and values, to a greater and greater extent, in the technology I use.

Those values start with a basic notion: We are losing control over the tools that once promised equal opportunity in speech and innovation—and this has to stop."

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Thanks for sharing this,

I would add that it with renouncing convenience to drop out from these services means quite a lot: opening up to new knowledge on how to use others, and time to learn that.

My next stop - perhaps for when I buy a new computer, will be to buy it with Linux installed, and then find someone around my immediate environment and in the absence of folks like Edgeryders, to show me how to work with it.

There’s an EdX course that’s running right now that covers the basics of Linux.

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Happy to see influential users choosing more freedom

However, Ubuntu is the worst GNU/Linux distribution in respect with user freedom and privacy one can use:

Instead, I use Trisquel, a fully free distro based on Ubuntu.

And CyanogenMod still has nonfree software, instead I use a derivate, Replicant, endorsed by FSF and Ceata.

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