Do we have a shortlink policy?

In Edgeryders we have experimented with several shortlink services. The idea is to keep at least an intuitive idea of what drives more visits to the content we want to promote.

If we have no shortlink policy, I will keep on using my own. If we do, I am happy to comply.

I am a fan of because I’m resistant to change.

This matters for CountOnMe which will mean all of us sharing pretty much the same short URL. If countonme is inspired by our use of Buffer, which created shortlinks, then we need to see if there’s a way to look at analytics for links, not for posts from the OpenCare accounts only. I don’t know if link analytics are there…

Then best to share them

The reason why I asked is this: the CountOnMe received yesterday contained long links rather than short ones. The easiest thing is to share already shortened links, which we can copy and paste into our Twitter/Facebook etc. Then, the shared stuff will also enter the analytics.