Do you use itsme?

20% of Belgians do, with big numbers coming in daily.
If you use it, do you like it? Do you trust it? If not, why not?

explains it in English. itsme handles your digital identity.
“itsme® is an initiative of Belgian Mobile iD, a consortium of four leading Belgian banks (Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC) and mobile network operators (Orange, Proximus, Telenet). Together, they want to make it easy for people to safely and quickly identify themselves in a world that is more and more digital.”

It all runs on Microsoft tech and cloud servers.

" The itsme® partners commit to only ask for data that is strictly necessary for operating their services. No information will be transfered without your explicit consent. With itsme®, you’re always in control."
I hope that is true…

I don’t use it. @RobvanKranenburg told us at length about it, as a serious contender for rolling out a private infrastructure for a Europe-wide digital ID.

Their goal does seem to be Europe-wide, but it looks like almost every country has their own version of that kind of ID service…getting them to coordinate should be interesting…

Itsme has a clear model. It is a consortium, with Belgian banks and telcos, who push their customers to use Itsme to access their online services. All they need to do is to not make alternative ways to access their online sites easy and pleasureable to use, and people will default to Itsme.